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Off The Road & On The Record

We’ve been home for over 2 weeks now, busy getting settled. We were astonished to see leaves falling as we crawled from Kamloops to Hope – the seasons keep turning, and the cliches keep coming… it takes one to know one, if I knew then what I know now, it’s not where you’re from, its…

On The Road Pt. 2

From Wells, B.C., all the way out to Regina, Saskatchewan, Char and I sure have a few more tales of the tarmac to share with y’all. Let’s see. We wrote our last post just outside of Quesnel. It was good times heading out east on the Gold Rush Trail, HWY 26. We hit some heavy rain,…

On The Road

We’ve been on the road for a week now! Sweetness. I would’ve liked to have posted a blog entry sooner, but, wi-fi is scarce when you’re living in a van. So here’s the 7 day update: We played two gigs in Vancouver, one at the Fairmont Waterfront, and another at Slickity Jim’s on Main st….

Greetings, From Galiano

“Welcome to Heaven,” a white haired man greeted us. Char and I looked at each other with a sense of relief and astonishment. “Well it’s about time,” I replied. “I figured it’d take another lifetime at least.” Alas, we had made it to Galiano Island, and it was indeed a little slice of paradise –…

Enter The Studio

As many artists before us, we have made our way up a mountain and into the woods with one goal in mind: pan for gold!

Tales of The Empress

This past Friday, July 15th, Char and I played our first gig as a duo – sweet!